Forecasts for Bakeries

Knowing what tomorrow's customers want

The core of all OPAL solutions is the Demand Forecasting Engine (DFE). This generic software component is based on Artificial Intelligence methods. The DFE automatically learns from historical data and provides very close predictions about the expected demand. Patterns that result from calendar (weekdays, holidays) and seasonal (season, weather) constellations and spontaneous events (entertainment events, thunderstorms) are projected onto the future.

As you might know from weather, forecasts are subject to uncertainty. For this reason, the DFE takes cost-optimal safety stock intervals into account in its forecasts. Likewise, the DFE also computes cost-optimal lot size rounding.

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How does DFE work?


The DFE is a generic software component that automatically links your historical data, such as sales and losses, and machine data, with external data, such as weather and calendar constellations. From this input, DFE calculates precise forecasts of future demand.

In order to identify the complex relationships in the data, machine learning (ML) techniques, also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI), are used. For example, a genetic algorithm automatically optimizes the linking of your data with relevant, external features. It also chooses the appropriate time series models to have the most accurate predictions possible. The time series models are based on artificial neural networks (ANN), gradient boost models (GBM) or generalized linear models (GLM).

And that's not all. In order to cost-effectively handle the existing uncertainty, the DFE calculates the optimal assortment, the optimual shelf display for the end of a day, and the optimal lot sizes for the delivery and production on site.

Your benefits at a glance

cost control
Establish together with us your cost-optimal assortment. Your shelf display, your safety stock - your losses, everything is dynamically matched to the optimal sales activity.
increase in sales
Benefit from an increase in sales in relation to the average total turnover of your company.
Experience a decline in losses due to our optimal and dynamically coordinated processes.


For our DFE, we offer you two attractive pricing models

1. Cloud service: After a short test period you simply pay a monthly fee per store. The amount of the fee depends on the number of your stores and articles. The minimum term is one year. The notice period is 6 weeks before end of contract.

2. On-Premise (self-hosting): If you want to operate our solution at your own data center, the DFE can be bought as well. The minimum term is one year. The notice period is 6 weeks before end of contract.

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