BakePlanner: Save time and ensure fresh products

Optimized baking process and improved product availability

Our BakePlanner is based on intraday forecasts (see DFE) and production factors such as lead times, set-up times and baking times. Here, baking programs are optimally developed with regard to energy consumption and resource efficiency. As a result, it saves time and operating costs to ensure fresh products. In particular, your local staff will benefit from a tremendous decrease of workload when using the BakePlanner and can spend more time with your customers.

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How does the BakePlanner work?


In day-to-day business, the planned values expected by OPAL are compared online in real-time with the data loaded from the POS. This makes it possible to make corrections, if necessary. Should demand be overestimated or underestimated, the production of fresh baked goods will always be cost-optimal.

Optimal batch sizes, baking program assignment and service level are of course guaranteed in the online calculation. The BakePlanner is provided as an interactive app to your employees directly in the branches - without any detours.

Your advantages at a glance


fewer baking processes

Avoid "unnecessary" replenish processes of baking machines through systematic, optimized planning and real-time adaptation.

filling rate

Offer a shelf display that makes sense by including the most popular and fresh goods

energy cost savings

Save on energy costs through optimal use of baking programs and by avoiding "unnecessary" baking processes.

BakePlanner Demo for Testing

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