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SAT1 – Handwerk 2.0

In addition to the automated delivery process, employees are using the BakePlanner onsite, to know which products should be baked when - a huge relief for the staff in the stores.

"Everyone now realizes that the program provides very good forecasts and that it helps us enormously to organize our work."
– Peter Görtz

SWR – Saving energy is half the battle

Sustainability starts with a smart and optimal resource allocation, meaning less energy consumption and lower use of raw materials.

"Everything that we do not produce unnecessarily saves energy and raw materials - if we only produce as much as we really need, then we need 20-30% less of everything and that is, of course, a very, very, big contribution."
– Peter Görtz
We believe that digitization is unstoppable and that it is a tremendous relief for us to use this technique and we see huge opportunities.
Peter Görtz