OrderApp: Automate customer orders 

Digital pre-orders in real-time

With the order application, your customers can pre-order your products at any time and have the possibility of directly paying online. Through the integration of the app in the DFE, availabilities can be calculated predictively and seamlessly online. All of this happens fully automated. In this way, it is prevented that your products become sold out or unavailable for pickup.

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How does the OrderApp work?

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You can offer your assortment via another sales channel. In particular, access to the "digital customer” offers you insight regarding the preferences and purchasing behavior of your customers. This can in turn be used by the DFE as input to make the planning even better. Pre-orders flow seamlessly into the overall process.

Both DFE and BakePlanner interact with the OrderApp, where pre-orders are included as actual numbers and are being prebaked accordingly. This ensures that your customers do not end up disappointed in front of an empty shelf, but rather can plan their purchase anywhere and anytime.


OrderApp Demo for Testing

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